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Care Instructions

Care Instructions

Stainless Steel Bangle

To keep your pieces looking like new, here are a few simple instructions to keep in mind.

  • Apply makeup before wearing your pieces. Lotions, hairsprays and some cosmetics contain chemicals which can tarnish your jewelry.

  •  We recommend removing your jewelry during activities that result in heavy sweating.

  • Avoid any body of water when wearing your customizable jewelry. Swimming pools, jacuzzi’s and anything that may contain chlorine can discolor your jewelry.

  • Do not wear your jewelry while showering or washing your hair. Suds will cause a film to build up and tarnish your jewelry.

  • Be sure to avoid storing your jewelry with other items. Properly storing your jewelry will keep it looking like new. Keep your customizable bangle in a mesh jewelry bag.

Laser Charms

  • Although stainless steel won’t rust or tarnish, it does require special care:

  • Clean any marks or packaging residue with a lint-free soft cloth & vinegar

  • Do not scrub to avoid scratching the surface of the charm

To enhance the shine, use a drop of baby or vegetable oil with a lint-free soft cloth
***Most jewelry can eventually tarnish over time, which is normal. We like to refer to this process as a sign your beautiful pieces are worn often by their beautiful owner. We also know you want to keep your items looking as nice as possible. Keep in mind your best defense is to be vigilant and properly care for your items to keep it looking like new longer.