Our new Transparent Face Shield is reusable, comfortable and lightweight. It slips on like a pair of glasses.  Item Details: Our face shield helps cover your eyes, nose and mouth. It also prevents you from touching your face throughout the day. This advanced design is easy to clean with alcohol, soap or water. Your new Transparent Face Shield can be worn over glasses, shades or goggles. We suggest you wear your face shield in conjunction with your face covering (mask) for added protection. Our quality Transparent Face Shield is great for anyone working in the public, i.e., first responders, postal workers, and grocery store employees, to name a few.Note: Remove the protective film from BOTH sides of the shield before use! Do not leave your face shield out in your car for any length of time. This prevents the shield from warping.The silicone frame may vary in color. One-size fits most. All sales are final. Ships from the USA. 🇺🇸Disclaimer: This or any face coverings offered on our website does not guarantee protection against any viruses or medical illnesses. 

Transparent Face Shield

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